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Hang 10 Drips is a proud sponsor of Surf for the Cure in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Coastal Edge Surf for the Cure in the month of October helps women through our love of the ocean and the community. Coastal Edge hosts a 5K, a silent auction, a skate contest, and, of course, the surf contest. The proceeds give the opportunity to provide free mammograms to women in the Virginia Beach community, providing financial resources to women with breast cancer, and we educate women about getting mammograms. Coastal Edge has given over 200 mammograms in the last nine years and saved four lives through early detection.

For the latest event information visit Surf For the Cure Facebook Page or surfforthecure.org


The Drop IV Drip for Immune BoostHang 10 Drips is donating 10% of proceeds from The Crush and The Drop IV infusions during the month of September to the Surf for the Cure cause

Learn more about The Drop, a signature IV infusion, to help boost your immunity. Watch an interview or read an article about the benefits of high-dose Vitamin C for cancer patients and those with compromised immune systems from our medical director, Dr. Lisa Barr.

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