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Medically-managed IV Infusions for a Healthy Life 

Our Hang 10 team has more than 40 years of experience in the medical, health and wellness industries, and a focus on functional medicine and IV expertise. We started Hang 10 Drips as an easy, therapeutic way to help you stay nourished and hydrated, so you can live your healthiest, best life! 

See for yourself how personalized, medically-managed IV infusion therapy can change your life! 

  • Our IV infusions are formulated by a board-certified physician with advanced training in pain management, functional medicine and anti-aging

  • All Hang 10 infusions are administered and monitored by our registered nurse

RN Melanie with Medical Director Dr. Lisa Barr
meet our team

Melanie Scaggs, BSN RN

Our Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations specializes in IV therapy, health restoration and functional medicine. Melanie is committed to educating clients in wellness solutions to optimize their energy, health and performance.

Chris Ryan

Chris, our Chief Financial Officer, is passionate about functional medicine and helping people improve their life with nutritional therapies.

Dr. Lisa Barr

Our Medical Director is committed to innovative solutions that help people live their best life. Dr. Barr is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Board Eligible in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Are You Ready to Hang Ten?

Hang 10 Drips infusions and wellness solutions are available by appointment at the Barr Center for Innovative Pain & Regenerative Therapies in Virginia Beach.

Call 757-974-5828

Barr Center: 933 First Colonial Road, Suite 200B, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Jump-start the process of improving your health with a unique holistic approach and personalized plan of care so that you can experience the life-giving joy of vitality.

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Aside from being a place of healing, Hang 10 Drips has become a sanctuary for our regulars. As you’ll see in their testimonials, we foster a warm, comforting environment where many find support, fellowship, laughter, education (and more) beyond the healing benefits of infusion therapy. We feel our incredible, caring team and clients set us apart to make Hang 10 Drips truly special.

Melanie is wonderful and the product is cutting edge!


This place is Amazing! I always feel 100% healthier. Melanie is the best unbelievably knowledgeable.

DOLORES, Google Review

Hang10 is a weekly joy of mine. I had originally just tried it out for the energy boost. But not only did my stamina increase but I have lost over 15 pounds. I started out weighing 176+ lbs. Now I am down to 159! I can not thank Melanie enough for being so kind and knowledgeable. She has changed my life for the better!! Highly recommend!

KINSEY K., Google Review

Hang 10 is a great place to get IV Therapy

What an Amazing place I do have a phobia of needles and IVs but, Melanie and her staff made it so easy for me and would highly recommend Hang 10 Drips for anyone who needs an immune system boost or a vitamin C drip.

CLIFF C., Google Review

Melanie is very good: professional, knowledgable, caring.


Wow! I absolutely LOVE Hang 10 Drips and Melanie. I have learned so much during my visits that has helped positively impact my health. I always leave feeling better and love chatting with Mel and the other wonderful “drippers.” Highly recommend!!!

NICKI K., Google Review

Highly recommend!! I’ve been coming here for a few months now and I love that drips and shots are administered and monitored by a registered nurse — and Melanie is absolutely fabulous, welcoming, friendly and very experienced. My first (and favorite) drip was the Swell, which gave me the mood boost and pick-me-up I needed. I added a B12 shot and was floored by the results. I felt almost instantly better and more energized, yet at ease. I slept like a baby that night and even woke up with gusto before the crack of dawn feeling rested and ready to take on the world (plus, I finally felt like hitting the gym after a long hiatus)! It had been nearly six months since I’d felt half that good. Every drip I’ve received since has simply felt amazing. I’ve decided to ditch oral vitamins / minerals and just tailor supplements to my body’s needs through infusions because I actually feel better after a drip without the horrible nausea I get from taking supplements orally. I was skeptical that I would feel “that noticeable” of a difference with IV therapy, but I’m happy to report that it makes an impact (my routine blood work proved so, too). The atmosphere at Hang 10 Drips is friendly and attentive. I appreciate the expert advice and guidance on holistic wellness I receive from Melanie and notice other clients have the same kind of rapport with her. We seem to all rave about the genuine kindness that Melanie sprinkles around us while we’re there. There’s something truly special about this place!


Love Hang 10! Melanie is very knowledgeable and super friendly. She always makes me feel like we’ve been friends forever. Love the selection of drips and IM shots. I will definitely be back.


Such a great experience!!! My sister and law were in town and really needed this and must say I’ve had a lot of IVs and this was the best experience I’ve had at one!

ALLISON R., Google Review

Great experience and extremely friendly

JEWEL S., Google Review

I am a Stage 3C breast cancer patient. I refused to accept conventional medicine as my only avenue to healing. I have been doing The Drop and high dose glutathione for eight months. It made chemo and healing from other procedures a breeze compared to what it would have been. I have been able to walk/run and practice hot yoga throughout my treatment which is amazing. As part of my entire functional medicine approach to cancer, Hang 10 has been invaluable. In addition, Mel – the lead nurse – is an angel from heaven. Kind and knowledgeable, she makes Hang 10 a sanctuary of healing and love. And Dr. Barr – well, she is in a league of her own. If you want tailored IV therapies in a place geared toward total body healing with stellar practitioners, Hang 10 is where you need to go!

NATALIE M., Google Review

Everything worked as I hoped and the visit was pleasant! 😀🙏


I have taken the Barrel drip protocol and currently am taking the Maverick protocol. These drips are amazing. My gut issues have been resolved and my mitochondria are healing. Best investment I have ever made for my health.

DIANE J., Google Review

It’s always an enjoyable time being there and I really feel like it’s doing me some good


Had my first treatment and feel better already. Melanie is super sweet, knowledgeable, and a wealth of information. The office was comfortable with an added bonus, healthy snacks! Thank you for the wonderful experience and results!

APRIL W., Google Review

I love Hang 10 Drips! After my doctor retired, I wanted to continue my IVs in a safe medical setting. The professionalism, as well as personal warmth that flows through this business is the perfect environment to continue my healing journey!

BERNIE D., Google Review

Great professional service in a relaxing setting. Offered Snacks were a nice addition. I had the best night sleep the night of the drip!!!


Professional, pleasant service. Relaxing, rejuvenating experience!


I’m seeing the benefits already. I feel better and have more energy !


What a great addition to Dr. Barr’s practice. Melanie is the perfect fit for Hang 10 Drips! She is very knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the Drip that is right for you. I’ve been coming for 9 months now and I am very happy with the results. Your body will thank you. Happy Dripping!!

NANSEY C., Google Review