Frequently Asked Questions

IV therapy is eligible to be covered by Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Even Health Savings Account (HSA) funds can be used toward IV infusions. Hang 10 Drips accepts FSA and HSA funds for payment as long as your FSA or HSA card is affiliated with a major credit card.

If you would like to use your FSA or HSA card to pay for a portion of your infusion purchase and apply the remaining balance to a different card, just let us know.

You will feel a prick when the needle goes in initially, but most people don’t feel any discomfort once the drip gets started. On rare occasions you may feel a dull aching in the arm. In this case our provider may adjust the rate of the drip to make you more comfortable. Overall, our patients report a very comfortable experience.

Some people notice increased energy and clarity and/or greater states of relaxation right away. Others experience more energy and states of relaxation over the next few days. Everyone is unique. Current levels of stress and nutrient status both play a role in how fast or how much an individual will feel the effects of the IV. It is not unusual to mildly taste certain nutrients while receiving an IV.

Studies show that when we take vitamins orally or eat food approximately 30% is absorbed by the gut. What makes IV nutrition so beneficial is that IV nutrients bypass the gut and allow for 100% absorption. The vitamins and nutrients in our IVs are the highest quality possible and the most bioavailable. By taking nutrients through IV, we can reach higher levels in our body and bloodstream. For example, 5 grams of Vitamin C taken orally routinely leads to bowel intolerance and loose stools. But 5 grams of Vitamin C given IV leads to 100% absorption without gastrointestinal side effects. This allows for a higher dosage with more immune-boosting and skin-enhancing power in your body.

After discussing your needs, taking a medical history and checking your vital signs, our Registered Nurse will help you decide which IV formulation is best for you. All ingredients are added directly to the IV bag to make each specially formulated drip. We use an optimal needle to help ensure your comfort during the IV infusion. Sit back and relax while your body is infused with high-quality vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

After a drip it is common to urinate more than usual and your urine may change color a bit. These are temporary symptoms. As with anything that punctures the skin, there is a very small risk of infection at the site and complications of IV drips are incredibly rare. If you have a history of kidney disease or congestive heart failure then IV therapy may be contraindicated.

Please inform our staff if you are taking any medications or have any medical or surgical conditions that might influence your treatment options. Eating something within two hours before the IV is recommended. We also suggest you dress warmly as the IV infusion can cool your body.

When taken orally, only a fraction (20-40% or less) of the essential nutrients are absorbed due to a variety of factors: unhealthy diet, insufficient essential nutrients, widespread prevalence of gastrointestinal problems, chronic illness and more. With IV nutrient therapy, 100% of the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream, where they can immediately be used by your body to help promote optimal health and wellness.

The temporary discomfort from placing the IV in is far outweighed by the benefits you’ll see with IV nutrient therapy. We have Registered Nurses (RN) and other licensed medical professionals administering our IVs so that you can feel comfortable with your experience from start to finish.

Our drip blends are designed for adults. In specific circumstances, our professional staff can consult with your health provider to design a protocol for a specific condition.

The length of time for your drip will depend on the “cocktail” you select. On average, drips take between 30-90 minutes to infuse. The difference in infusion rate depends on the total fluid volume and your tolerance to the drip rate. During your infusion you can relax, read and listen to music. Feel free to bring a book, iPad, computer device or headphones.

Benefits can be seen after the first session, and with regular treatments, safe and lasting effects can be achieved.

Yes! We invite you to consult with our medical team to create an IV nutrient plan based on your concerns and needs. For optimal planning, we offer micronutrient testing.

Certain nutrients do not require fluid or as much fluid and can be slowly injected intravenously. This form of treatment is called an “IV push.” IV push treatments take about 10 minutes to administer. Intramuscular injections are also available and are very quick.

See Our Enhancements menu for details.

It is always wise to drink plenty of water. The more water you drink, the plumper your veins become and the easier it will be to locate your veins to administer and increase hydration and venous volume leading to the best results.

Your healthcare provider will recommend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly treatment depending on symptoms or desired effects. Many of our drips are protocol driven, and this will outline the frequency of your drips. Following our protocol can ensure desired effects.

Everyone varies on their fear of needles, and we understand that. Most people barely feel the IV placement, and many don’t feel it at all. Our licensed medical providers are highly experienced and thoroughly trained.

IV therapy poses low risk for side effects. These could include irritation, inflammation, or bruising of the puncture site. More serious symptoms would include systemic reactions such as allergies and local thrombosis, but these are very rare despite its possibility of occurrence. You should always share with your provider any and all pertinent information regarding previous allergic reactions to medications or therapies in the past and/or medications or supplements you are currently taking. Your healthcare provider will consult you prior to any administration and will discuss your condition and desires to achieve fantastic results.