Ride the peak of your health and wellness goals with our Paddle Out Package

Choose a favorite drip to use again and again or mix and match a variety of infusions to reach a total of one dozen drips. Then get ready for wave after wave of the nourishing benefits of IV infusion therapy for a special price, reflecting a savings of up to 30% off. Contact us for more details!

You can select the same drip or a combination of 12 drips from our Signature Drip Menu (excluding the Maverick).

experience the difference

With our Paddle Out Package, you gain:

  • A consistent schedule of IV infusion therapy at an excellent value
  • Premium levels of essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants
  • Improved energy, stamina and mental clarity
  • An edge in reaching your personal health and wellness goals
  • Scheduled “time out” in our studio

SEE FOR YOURSELF how personalized medically managed IV infusion therapy can change your life. Our IV infusions are formulated by a board-certified physician with advanced training in pain management, function medicine and anti-aging.

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Prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in medical supply costs.

our signature drips
our signature drips