• When we are young and healthy, our bodies naturally produce NAD+. These levels, however, decrease as our bodies begin to show signs of physical and mental aging. This makes our Maverick NAD+ IV infusion beneficial in alleviating age-related ailments, promoting longevity and boosting one’s overall sense of wellbeing. The NAD+ in the Maverick IV drip is an all-natural solution for those suffering from chronic disease and age-related health issues.

  • Founder of The Farm Life Movement, Ashley Grosch, is on a mission to serve “people and planet” through organic food grown on her regenerative farm, clean products available at her local market and online “farmacy,” and in Ashley’s approach as a functional medicine practitioner. We caught up with Ashley to learn more about her life story, how she guides clients back to health, what’s growing on her family farm—and where she gets her “superpower.”

  • Dr. Lisa Barr, medical director of Hang 10 Drips, shares how high-dose vitamin C therapy is being used to help people with compromised immune systems. If you’re feeling unwell and can’t figure out what the problem might be, stop by on Functional Fridays for an assessment.

  • Discover how high-dose Vitamin C infusions can bring hope and relief to cancer patients. Learn about the proven benefits of this natural remedy, its history and more!

  • The many immersive benefits of IV infusion therapy

    Partied too hard last night? Or maybe you woke up with a fierce migraine? Sure, you can try a cold compress or over-the counter pain meds. But for fast, effective relief, nothing cures a headache as efficiently as The Pipeline, an upscale Meyer’s Cocktail IV infusion available at Hang 10 Drips.